2012 USNSCC/USNLCC Trainings
Florida Institute of Technology
Melbourne, Florida
10 June to 16 June, 2012

The Pool, the Beach, Delicious Food, Outstanding Training! We have it all!

OUTSTANDING Summer Training Opportunities for 2012

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End of Training Update

It was a fantastic week for everyone! Thank you to a terrific staff and for all the cadets who attended. See you next year in Melbourne!

Honor Cadets

POLA -- SN Jake Arbolaez, Enterprise Divisiion

Honor Guard -- CPO Ariana Pusey, Manatee Division

Culinary - No honor cadet awarded because of the size and teamwork focus of the training.

NLCC Advanced - Personal Protection -- Cadet Juan Otero, Caribbean Division

NLCC Advanced - Fitness -- Cadet Regan Smith, Adm. Halsey Battalion

NLCC Basic Orientation -- Cadet Benjamin Williams, Liberty Division

Wednesday Evening Update

More than half the training has been completed. How did that happen so quickly? We are all having a great time! The cadets are eating well, exercising, and building new friendships with their shipmates.
Culinary cadets worked in FIT's dining facility again today. We noticed that they were doing a terrific job helping with the cooking, stocking, and cleaning activities. Parents, we hope you'll put their new skills to use at home! They also had two guest speakers, Mrs. Bates and Mrs. Hughes, wives of retired officers, who shared valuable information about how to have a successful formal dinner. This included the china/silverware, who to invite, where to seat them, and other details of etiquette.
Honor Guard continued work on the armed drill routine that you will see Saturday. Additionally, the most proficient four cadets performed a color guard at the Manatees baseball game. The rest of Honor Guard and also POLA cadets attended the baseball game and cheered the home team on until lightning, rain, and high winds appeared, and they had to make a run for the vans!
POLA cadets are doing more public speaking and gaining confidence in front of the group. They are practicing being company commander and calling cadence. Many of the cadets commented that they are gaining excellent information at the training to take back to their units.
Basic Orientation cadets started the morning with swim qualifications, and then spent the rest of the morning at the range! They were able to shoot the .22 rifles for marksmanship qualification and we had several qualify for ribbons! They continued with their classes and work on the NLCC syllabus. One test has been given thus far. Those cadets who did not pass will be given another opportunity, and those who did pass will move on to the next level. Parents, you are doing a great job sending encouraging emails! The cadets really appreciate hearing from you.
NLCC Fitness had another busy day with trips to the roller skating rink and the bowling alley. There are many ways to get and stay fit, and we are trying to help them find ones that they like! Healthy food and extra trips to the salad bar are still the rule in the chow hall. The cadets have commented that climbing to the 4th deck of the barracks is actually getting them VERY fit!
Personal Protection spent most of the day doing Brazilian jujitsu, a martial art. They also had a class on the U.S. Constitution and had a guest speaker who discussed the mental strength needed to get through combat and other difficult situations.

Tuesday Evening Update

Your cadets have been very busy since check-in! Cadets are really enjoying the GREAT food at FIT
Honor Guard checked in Friday and has been working hard on color guard. Tomorrow four of the most proficient cadets will perform at the Manatees baseball game. The HG cadets have also been practicing their presentation for Saturday.
Basic Orientation cadets had the opportunity to tour a small research ship today. They continued with classes and marching. This evening the NLCC Fitness cadets joined Basic for a terrific presentation by COL Pat Keene, USA, retired, about an exciting World War II naval battle.
NLCC Fitness enjoyed a trip to the archery range today. They are continuing to eat healthy food. (Their DIVO has authorized them to have all the second servings they want as long as the food comes from the salad bar.) The cadets are beginning some very good exercise and dietary habits, and we hope you parents will help them continue these at home!
NLCC Personal Protection cadets did almost a full day of Aikido, a martial art that is particularly good for self-defense. They have been doing some public speaking and learning about power that comes from within.
Culinary cadets have been cooking at the FIT kitchen! They also are preparing terrific meals in their apartment kitchens. Today they had a session at Keiser University with a chef. They made flowers out of squash!
POLA had more classes and did close order drill. In addition to their classes on how to run a boot camp, the cadets participated in a class on the U.S. Constitution.

General Information

Florida Institute of Technology is a highly-rated university that specializes in engineering and aviation, located in Melbourne, Florida. Coastal breezes keep this area of Florida at a comfortable temperature during summer time. The food at Florida Tech is OUTSTANDING -- with all you care to eat of your choice of many different foods. Florida Tech's new dining facility offers even more!

Reporting Instructions

Report in dress uniform! See the Staff and Facilities Page for reporting location and times.

Make sure that you meet NSCC grooming standards. Males with inappropriate haircuts will be taken to the barber shop for a haircut at the cost of $15 to the cadet.

Seabag list concerns -- If you are short on uniform items, you can do laundry. (Make sure to bring quarters as shown on the seabag list!) Please contact the COTC immediately if you have other uniform issues and we'll work something out.

Emergency phone #: 352-359-6889. Please call only for emergencies.
If your cadet is at NLCC Basic Orientation, you may send encouraging emails throughout the week (no more than 1 per day, please!) to your cadet. The address is usnsccfittraining@gmail.com. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO PUT THE CADET'S NAME IN THE SUBJECT LINE OF THE EMAIL!
Photos will be posted for all trainings.
Graduation will be at 10AM on Saturday, 16 June, tentatively located at the All Faiths Center.

Crucial Information

Welcome Letter (Includes flight info)

New release form for NLCC Personal Protection Cadets ONLY Download and signe

Request for Training form -- Print two copies and have your commanding officer sign them. Send in with your money order made to USNSCC. Please make sure to also send the two forms below.

Guidelines for Training - Please mail to the COTC at PO Box 3311, Lake City, FL 32056

Florida Institute of Technology Form - Please mail to the COTC at PO Box 3311, Lake City, FL 32056

NSCC Medical History Form - Fill out and put in cadet's Service Record. This must be dated 1 February 2012 or later. Required for the safety of the cadet! NO MEDICATIONS allowed.

Seabag Lists

Seabag listings are now posted. Reminder: We are NOT medically friendly, so do not bring medications. If you are on medications, contact the COTC immediately!

NSCC POLA Seabag List

NLCC Personal Protection Seabag List

NLCC Fitness Seabag List

Culinary Arts Seabag List

Honor Guard/Ceremonial Seabag List

NLCC Basic Orientation Seabag List

STAFF Seabag Requirements -- Staff, please contact your division officer or the COTC for more information about uniforms.


Due to the quantity of trainings we are conducting, we will be unable to reserve billets. Cadet participation will be confirmed upon receipt of all paperwork and a unit check or money order for the deposit. In short, billets will be given on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis. Thanks for your understanding and assistance.

******This is NOT a medically friendly training. Please, no disqualifying conditions such as asthma and no medications. We will be PTing daily and marching distances, so cadets must have passed the PRT at the minimum. ******

View the confirmed billets lists for NLCC Trainings or NSCC Trainings.

2012 Training Courses

NSCC POLA - Petty Officer Leadership Academy

Looking to get off to a GREAT start this summer? This is the perfect POLA for you! This POLA focuses on getting you ready to staff a recruit training, Orientation, or advanced training. We will also spend time on leadership (squad leader, company commander, guidon), teamwork, and basic color guard skills. Count on plenty of encouragement, positive feedback, and individual instruction. REQUIREMENTS: Cadets must have attained at least E-3 rating. (This means that you have completed ALL requirements for E-3 including the appropriate correspondence course and an advanced training. Please make sure your record reflects your accomplishment of E-3.) All POLA cadets must pass the PRT during training in order to graduate. Please note that we are NOT a medically friendly training!

POLA is full. Please call the COTC at 352-359-6889 to be placed on it.

NSCC Culinary Arts

Experience culinary arts! Cadets will get hands-on experience cooking in the Florida Institute of Technology kitchen and have an experience at chef's school at Keiser University. This is a fun, team-oriented training so come ready to work with others. Billets fill quickly so get your paperworkin ASAP. REQUIREMENTS: Cadets must be 14 or older and have successfully completed recruit training. Please note that we are NOT a medically friendly training!

Culinary Arts is full. Please call the COTC at 352-359-6889 to place your name on a waitlist.

NSCC Honor Guard/Ceremonial

Experience the privilege of honoring our flag and our current and past service men and women! This course will allow you to learn and improve your color guard skills as well as many other ceremonial activities, including funerals, holiday ceremonies and more. You'll have an amazing wealth of knowledge to take back to your unit and use to be more active in your local community. REQUIREMENTS: Cadets must have successfully completed recruit training. Please note that we are NOT a medically friendly training!

Please note that HG cadets report FRIDAY evening, 8 June. Reporting time is 1800.

Honor Guard training is closed.

NSCC Advanced Field Medicine

Advanced Field Medicine has been CANCELLED!

NLCC Advanced Orientation - Personal Protection

Learn about personal protection techniques during this rigorous NLCC Advanced training. Activities will include marksmanship, martial arts, and self-defense techniques. Training will be applicable to the cadet's personal life as well as potential future military exploration. Cadets at this training will be required to pass a PT test at the beginning of training, including running 2 miles, and will also be given written tests which they must pass during the training. REQUIREMENTS: NLCC cadets must have successfully completed Basic Orientation, be 12 or 13 years of age, and be recommended by their CO. Additionally, they need to be physically ready for this rigorous training. Please note that we are NOT a medically friendly training!

This training is full. Please call the COTC at 352-359-6889 if you would like to be on the waitlist.

NLCC Advanced Orientation - Fitness Training

Have fun and get fit! NLCC cadets will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports and learn all about a healthy lifestyle in this Advanced Orientation. Lots of activity, fun, and maybe a few surprises! REQUIREMENTS: NLCC cadets must have successfully completed Basic Orientation. No age limit. Please note that we are NOT a medically friendly training!

NLCC Fitness is closed. Please call the COTC at 352-359-6889 if you would like to be on the waitlist.

NLCC Basic Orientation

Newer NLCC cadets will have a positive experience with their first training during Basic Orientation. Led by experienced staff cadets, Leaguers will learn all the basics and be on the road to advancement at their home unit. Please note that we are NOT a medically friendly training!

NLCC Basic is closed. Please call the COTC at 352-359-6889 to check availability.

Visit our Staff and Facilities page for more information about the officer and cadet staff and Florida Institute of Technology.