2013 USNLCC Trainings
Middle Florida Baptist Assembly
5 AUG to 11 AUG, 2013

Billets for NLCC Training Courses

Please keep in mind that billets are "first come, first served." Trainings fill fast so get your paperwork in soon to secure your billet.

******These are NOT medically friendly trainings. Please, no disqualifying conditions such as asthma. We will be PTing daily and marching distances, so cadets must have passed the PRT at the minimum. If your cadet is on any kind of medications, please contact the COTC before applying to attend. Thank you!******

# -- Orders Submitted to HQ

* -- Missing paperwork - Orders will be submitted when paperwork is received.

NLCC Adv. Orientation - Land Navigation

LTJG Eric Farland, Division Officer

PO1 Kaley Jones, Boca Delray Division, LPO #

PO3 Andrew Purcell, 233d Seabee Battalion, Staff Cadet #

Confirmed Participants:

  1. LC4 Dylan Chaviano, T.S. Turk Powell #
  2. LC1 Justin Enright, NARS B-1 Squadron #
  3. *LC3 Samuel Meckalavage, Courageous Division
  4. *LC4 Austin Ratliff, Training Ship Lawrence
  5. LC1 Angelo Ramirez, Warrior Division#
  6. LC3 Antonio Prioleau, Warrior Division #
  7. LC1 Christian Selph, Liberty Division#
  8. LC3 Andrew Baker, Marvin Shields BN#
  9. LC3 James Puentes, Marvin Shields BN #
  10. LC2 Skyler Colley, Liberty Division#
  11. LC5 Brent Wilson, American Victory Division#
  12. LC5 Carlos Fernandez, Palm Beach Division#
  13. LC2 Frank Ciampa, Palmetto Division#

NLCC Advanced Orientation -- Sports and Medicine

LTJG Eric Farland, Division Officer

Confirmed Participants:

  1. LC3 Hailie Kashansky, Tampa Bay Division #
  2. LC-PO1 Joseph Antonello, Boca Delray Division #
  3. LC3 Kara Ager, Courageous Division#
  4. LC3 Deleigha Gibson, Independence Division#
  5. LC5 Donavin Nabach, Lone Star Squadron#
  6. LC3 Jalen Green, Lone Star Squadron#
  7. LC2 Kaylin Colon, Boca Delray Division#

NLCC Basic Orientation

MIDN Carly Robinson, Liberty Division

PO2 Joseph Arbolaez, Enterprise Division, LPO

PO3 Kelli Jones, Boca Delray Division, Staff cadet #

PO3 Dylan Franklin, NARS B-1 Squadron, Staff cadet #

  1. LC1 Triston Meyer, Tampa Bay Division #
  2. LC1 Chandler Burnard, Independence Division#
  3. LC1 Demetrius Gibson, Independence Division#
  4. LC1 Jonathan Roman, Independence Division#
  5. LC2 Justin Sepulveda, Independence Division#
  6. LC1 Marshall Grant, Gulf Eagle Division #
  7. LC2 Michael Brodeur, Boca Delray Division #
  8. LC1 Clayton Thompson, Tampa Bay Division #
  9. LC1 Stephen Orsini, Palm Beach Division #
  10. LC1 Sofia Lopez, FDR Squadron#
  11. LC2 Ryan Harrison, Liberty Division #
  12. LC2 Dalton Lilly, Wiregrass Division#
  13. LC2 Aiden Lilly, Wiregrass Division#
  14. LC2 Seth Mantlo, Manatee Division#
  15. LC2 Christian Wilson, Liberty Divisuon#
  16. LC2 Harrison McGriff, Wiregrass Division<#/li>
  17. LC1 Joshua Golden, Liberty Division#
  18. LC1 Samantha Crespo, Tampa Bay Division#
  19. LC1 Tia Ard, Manatee Division#
  20. LC1 Christian Aldana, Spruance Division#
  21. LC1 Martin Pickard, Manatee Division#
  22. LC1 Stephen Keys, Lone Star Squadron#
  23. LC2 Nicholas Beckner, Marvin Shields BN#
  24. LC1 Lane Hadden, Liberty Division#
  25. LC1 Giovanni Gordono, American Pride Squadron#
  26. LC1 Justin Bota, American Pride Squadron#
  27. LC2 Jacob Kimbrough, Boca Delray Division#
  28. LC1 Alexandre LaFontant, American Pride Squadron#
  29. *LC1 Malachi Farrell, Lone Star Squadron
  30. *LC1 Austin Worline, Tampa Bay Division

*Cadet needs to submit "Guidelines for Training" and updated Medical History to confirm billet.