2013 USNSCC Trainings
Middle Florida Baptist Assembly
3 AUG to 11 AUG 2013

Billets for NSCC Training Courses

Please keep in mind that billets are "first come, first served." Trainings fill fast so get your paperwork in soon to secure your billet.

******These are NOT medically friendly trainings. Please, NO MEDS and no disqualifying conditions such as asthma or diabetes. We will be PTing daily and marching distances, so cadets must have passed the PRT at the minimum. If the cadets are on ANY medication, contact the COTC before signing up for training.******

# -- Orders Submitted to HQ

* -- Missing paperwork - Orders will be submitted when paperwork is received.

NSCC Culinary Arts - CAFL

PO2 Jacob Wallace, Spruance Division, LPO #

SN Catherine Seippel, 2475 Construction BN#

Confirmed Participants:

  1. PO3 Jarett Challans, Battleship Missouri Division#
  2. SR Wyatt Keaton, 1124th Construction Battalion #
  3. SN Christian Erkoboni, John T. Dempster Jr. Division#
  4. SA April Zaetz, Raleigh Battalion#
  5. SR Caleb Davison, Tampa Bay Division#
  6. SA Isaac Thomas, Lone Star Squadron#
  7. SA Taran Knowles, Spruance Division#
  8. SN Core Villacis, Freedom Battalion#
  9. SA Cristina Byer, Freedom Battalion#
  10. SA Timothy Hill, Enterprise Division#
  11. SA Cheyenne Lagman, Spruance Division#
  12. Cadet Anthony Helton, Charlotte Division#

NSCC Honor Guard/Ceremonial - HGFL

MIDN Jayme McColgan, Boca Delray Division, Division Officer

PO1 Brandon Buckner, Boca Delray Division, LPO #

PO3 Chris Heatherdale, Spruance Division, Staff Cadet #

Confirmed Participants:

  1. SA Jacob Evans, Little Rock Division #
  2. PO1 Tracy Robinson, Liberty Division #
  3. SA Joel Benalcazar, Boca Delray Division#
  4. SA-T Ralph Desmangles, Boca Delray Division #
  5. SN Stephanie Pham, El Toro Battalion #
  6. SN John Panik, David McCampbell Battalion #
  7. SA John George, Wichita Battalion#
  8. SA Avin George, Wichita Battalion#
  9. *SR Noah Shumaker, St. Augustine Battalion
  10. SA Benjamin Burnette, Liberty Division #
  11. SA-T Chris Futch, Liberty Division #
  12. CPO S. Indiana Jones, Boca Delray Division #
  13. SN Ian Sprague, Boca Delray Division #
  14. Cadet Christopher Strahn, Boca Delray Division
  15. SA Jacob Sleeter, American Pride Squadron#
  16. SN Andrew Rutledge, Yorktown Division#
  17. SA Joshua Gonzales, Spruance Division#
  18. SA Bradley Boucher, Freedom Battalion#
  19. SA Andrew Fragoso, Freedom Battalion#
  20. SN Tiffany Schafer, Columbus Squadron#
  21. SN Orguerline Jean Baptiste, Boca Delray Division#
  22. SA David Fernandez, Freedom Battalion#
  23. SR Caroline Brown, Centurion Battalion#
  24. *Cadet Mungula, Freedom Division
  25. *SA Nico McDonald, Spruance Division
  26. *SA Orlando Martell, Caribbean Division

*Billet confirmation pending receipt of "Guidelines for Training" and updated Medical History form

NSCC Photojournalism

MIDN Jayme McColgan, Division Officer

  1. SA Tasha Estridge, Independence Division#
  2. SN Giuliana Yandoli, John T. Dempster Jr. Division #
  3. SA-T Benjamin Williams, Liberty Division #
  4. SR Kate Goldsmith, Centurion Battalion#
  5. *SA Zakary Beller, Spruance Division

NSCC Field Medicine

LTJG Bernie Williams, USN, Division Officer

  1. SA Ken Keesling, Liberty Division #
  2. SR Fabian Colon, Enterprise Division #
  3. PO3 Joshua Tanzuaco, FDR Squadron #
  4. SN Loren Mills, Courageous Division#
  5. SA Rainar Holladay, David McCampbell Battalion #
  6. PO3 Cory Kephart, Erie Battalion #
  7. SA Juan Garnica, Freedom Battalion #
  8. SA Clint Usery, Freedom Battalion #
  9. SN Henry Hopkins, Great Lakes Division #
  10. PO3 Derrick Heezen, Suncoast Squadron #
  11. SR Richard Tran, New York LPD-21 Division#
  12. SR Alexander Csorny, New York LPD-21 Division#
  13. SA Timur Moukhametzianov, Seattle AOE-3 Division#
  14. SA Joseph Margevicius, Tomcat Squadron#
  15. SN Christian Smith, Suncoast Squadron#
  16. SA David Ayala-Rojas, Asheville Division#

*Billet confirmation pending receipt of "Guidelines for Training" and updated Medical History form

NSCC Recruit Training

This is an accelerated RT so all cadets need to have passed the PRT and finished the appropriate BMR chapters and classes before attending. Please print and study the RT Crucial Knowledge document prior to arriving at RT.

ENS Deb Brown, Division Officer

MIDN Nate Poston, Operations Officer


LPO -- to be determined at training. All staff cadet positions are filled.

CPO Stuart Robinson, Leading Chief MAA, Liberty Division#

PO3 Katharine Shaw, Boca Delray Division, MAA staff cadet#

PO1 Lucas Andrews, Atlantic City, NJ Division #

PO1 Laura Sinor, Seawolf Division #

PO2 Devin Ager, Courageous Division#

PO2 Jordan Larsen, Centurion Battalion #

PO3 Gabrielle Serrano, Spruance Division #

PO3 Anthony Ruiz-Wilson, Suncoast Squadron #

PO3 William Powell, Forrestal Squadron #

PO3 Christopher Harper, Massachusetts Bay Division#

Confirmed Participants:

  1. SR Ryan Wenzel, Spruance Division #
  2. SR Caroline Davis, Knoxville Smokey Mountain Division #
  3. SR Philip Bowerman, Centurion Battalion#
  4. SR Corey Schultz, American Pride Squadron#
  5. SR Clayton Trainer, Manatee Division #
  6. SA-T Jerrod Trainer, Manatee Division #
  7. SR Izaak Evans, Manatee Division #
  8. SR Dylan Nguyen, Suncoast Squadron #
  9. SR Charles Grant, III, Gulf Eagle Division #
  10. SA-T Charles Fisher, Centurion Battalion#
  11. SR Luis Payano, FDR Squadron#
  12. SR Lane Martin, Manatee Division#
  13. SR Romeo Gilmore, Central Maryland Corsairs#
  14. SR Israel Diaz, Manatee Division #
  15. SR Brandon Suchyta, 9-1-1 Division #
  16. SR Hakeem Jenkinson, FDR Squadron#
  17. SR William Baynard, Charlotte Division#
  18. SR Noon Kreiyasuan, Annapolis Division#
  19. SR Jalesa Smith, Liberty Division#
  20. SR Harold Diaz, Marvin Shields BN#
  21. SR Gabriel Cuesta, Charlotte Division#
  22. SR Jesus Lopez, Freedom Battalion#
  23. SR Jet Puentes, Marvin Shields BN#
  24. SR Paula Rubio, Freedom Battalion#
  25. SA-T Kane Allen, Tyler Joint Force Battalion#
  26. SA-T Xavier Allen, Tyler Joint Force Battalion#
  27. SA-T Brent Whidden, Tyler Joint Force Battalion#
  28. SR Paul Niglio, Palm Beach Division#
  29. SR Matthew Balash, Palm Beach Division#
  30. SA-T Nathaniel Phillip, Yorktown Division
  31. SR Alfonso Zavalia, Palm Beach Division#
  32. SR Sara Chapa, Houston Division#
  33. SR Elizabeth Worthington, Central Iowa Division
  34. SR Zachary Ebaugh, William R. Charette BN#
  35. SR Dylan Pujol, Manatee Division
  36. SR Walter Fagan, Yorktown Division
  37. SR Richard Rodriguez, Freedom Battalion
  38. SR Brendon Quinlan, Palm Beach Division#
  39. SR Michael Schmitz, William R. Charette BN
  40. SR Jonathan Kline, American Pride Squadron
  41. SR Thomas VanOtteran, Palm Beach Division
  42. SR Jonathan Zyto, Palm Beach Division
  43. SR Sean O'Hare, Palm Beach Division
  44. SR Kenneth Staggs, Manatee Division
  45. SR Landen White, Houston Division
  46. SR Dante Piccione, Nautilus 571 Division
  47. SR Kevious Means, Valor Division

*Billet confirmation pending receipt of "Guidelines for Training" and updated Medical History form