Middle Florida Baptist Assembly, Branford, Florida

Billeting is in the beautiful rural area outside Gainesville, FL. The camp offers fully air-conditioned facilities, with WIFI, A/V facilities, sports fields, swimming area, canoeing, and more.

Click here for GPS coordinates and directions to the camp.

Address: 247 SE Salvation Road, Branford, FL 32088

Report in DRESS uniform. If you are flying, arrive in civilian attire. You will be given time to change. DO NOT FLY IN UNIFORM.

Recruit training, honor guard, culinary, field medicine, and photojournalism cadets will report on Saturday, 3 August between 1000 and 1200.

All cadets for NLCC trainings will report Monday, 5 August, between 1000 and 1200.

STAFF CADETS for NSCC trainings should report Friday evening, 2 AUG, around 1800. Staff cadets for NLCC trainings should report between 1400 and 1600 on Sunday, 3 AUG. If you have questions, please contact your DIVO.

Please note that this is NOT a medically friendly training. No medications or formerly disqualifying conditions such as asthma are allowed. If you are on medications, contact the COTC immediately.

IF YOU ARE FLYING -- please contact the COTC immediately for instructions.

Graduation for all cadets will be Sunday, 11 August, at 1000. Family and friends are invited to attend.

If your relatives would like to spend the night prior to graduation, we have a special rate at the Fairfield Inn in Lake City. See our Facebook page for details.


LT Martha Robinson, NSCC -- COTC

LT Jerry McColgan, NSCC -- XOTC

LT Cathy McColgan, NSCC -- Administrative Officer

INST Shelly Enright, NARS B-1 Squadron -- Assistant Admin. Officer

LTJG Bernie Williams, USN -- Medical Officer

MIDN Jayme McColgan, NSCC -- Division Officer - Honor Guard

PO1 Brandon Buckner, Boca Delray Division, LPO

PO3 Chris Heatherdale, Spruance Division, Staff Cadet

MIDN Jayme McColgan, NSCC -- Division Officer - Photojournalism

ENS Elliot Robinson, NSCC - Division Officer, Culinary Arts

PO2 Jacob Wallace, Spruance Division, LPO

PO3 Catherine Seippel, 2475 Construction Battalion, Staff Cadet

LTJG Eric Farland, NSCC -- Division Officer - NLCC Advanced Orientations

PO1 Kaley Jones, Boca Delray Division, Staff cadet

PO3 Andrew Purcell, 233rd Seabee Battalion, Staff cadet

MIDN Carly Robinson, NSCC -- Division Officer - NLCC Basic Orientation

PO1 Joseph Arbolaez, Enterprise Division, LPO

PO3 Dylan Franklin, NARS B-1 Squadron, Atlanta, Staff cadet

PO3 Kelli Jones, Boca Delray Division, Staff cadet

LTJG Bernie Williams, USN -- Division Officer - Field Medicine

Airman 1st Class Kevin Brodeur, USAF - Assistant Division Officer

ENS Deb Brown, NSCC -- Division Officer - Recruit Training

MIDN Nate Poston, Operations Officer - Recruit Training

Staff Cadets

PO1 Lucas Andrews, Atlantic City Division

PO1 Laura Sinor, Sea Wolf Division

PO2 Jordan Larsen, Centurion Battalion

PO2 Devin Ager, Courageous Division

PO3 Christopher Harper, Massachusetts Bay Division

PO3 Anthony Ruiz-Wilson, Suncoast Squadron

PO3 William Powell, Forrestal Squadron

PO3 Gabrielle Serrano, Spruance Division


CPO Stuart Robinson, Liberty Division, Lake City

PO3 Katharine Shaw, Boca Delray Division

Staff Officers

LT Kenneth "Doc" Arcieri, David McCampbell Battalion

ENS Tanya Wallace, Spruance Division