Training Future Leaders...Today!

Chain of Command - Liberty Division, USNSCC

INST Michael Ziegler - Commanding Officer

 - Executive Officer

INST Natalie Peterson & INST Penny Clark - Administrative Officer

INST Kay Peterson - Financial Officer

INST Victoria Ziegler - Operations Officer Officer

Our Division

Most of our cadets come from Lake City, FL and the surrounding communities.  They have a strong desire to not only succeed but to excel. The Liberty Division Sea Cadets are taught honor, respect, and courage. Above all else, they are taught leadership skills. One of the utmost important goals of this program is to teach and train the leaders of tomorrow. We strive to instill character and values in our local youth with the hopes that they will not only assume leadership roles in various communities in the future but will always lead their lives with patriotism, honor, and respect.

We are looking for adult volunteers!

A volunteer must be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident, free of felony convictions, possess good moral character, a sound mind, and be capable of credibly communicating USNSCC values to our cadets. Each adult will undergo a background investigation during the enrollment process.  Download the forms below and bring them to our next drill if you are interested in becoming one of our adult volunteers.