NWU Cover

The NWU is intended for year-round wear as the standard working uniform.

Navy Working Uniform Caps shall be appropriately identified with the NSCC/NLCC insignia (miniature flash, yellow on black field, with the eagle facing the wearer's right)

Breast Pocket Patches

The name tape should be sewn above and flush with the top of the wearer's right pocket.

The NSCC/NLCC tape should be sewn above and flush with the top of the wearer's left shirt pocket.

Another name tape should be sewn above and flush with the top of the right rear trouser pocket. The name tape and branch tapes for the NWU are also sewn as previously described. However, there is one added difference a U.S. Naval Sea Cadets flash must be sewn on the right pocket. 

The material to make the NWU is strictly authorized for Navy personnel only, and the U.S. Navy has the only rights for its use. The Navy's logo is embroidered on the left pocket. Under new regulations, this logo must be visible at all times to meet NSCC/NLCC uniform regulations.

Collar Devices

On NWU uniforms, CPOs, SLPOs and Petty Officers wear their ratings on their collars.

NSCC and NLCC collar insignia replicate rating badges for wear in lieu of sleeve insignia.

These collar insignia are sewn on an angle so that the center of the insignia is in line with the point of the collar and such that a perfect triangle is formed.

Rolling Sleeves

The sleeves of the Navy Working Uniforms, also known as NWUs may be rolled up during times of warm weather.

For the NWU, the sleeves will be rolled with the inside out, with the cuff folded over, forming a roll approximately 3 inches wide, and terminating at a point approximately 2 inches above the elbow.

1 Lay the uniform on a flat surface, face up and sleeves extended out, with the button at the end of the sleeve unbuttoned.

2 Flip the sleeves inside-out by folding the cuffs of the sleeve up towards the armpit area. Pull it up until it almost touches the inside seam of the armpit region.

3 Roll the bottoms of the inside-out sleeves in three-inch rolls upwards until you reach the cuffs.

4 Fold the end of the cuff down over the rolled portion of the sleeve.

5 Secure the button and flap. Repeat on opposite sleeve.